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The Infopillar Advantage

Why should you choose Infopillar?


For a low monthly rate, Infopillar provides hosted services for Infopillar Complete Accounting, Infopillar Trading, Infopillar Customer Portal, and our custom solutions at very affordable price.

No Hassle

You can take advantage of Infopillar with just a simple Internet connection. This is what we mean by no hassle:

  • No need for extra hardware that you need to replace every few years.
  • No need for software licenses for Windows Server, Terminal Server, or SQL Server.
  • No need for dedicated staff to keep Infopillar running.
Think about the money you save in hardware, software licenses, and support staff. With Infopillar, these are all taken care of.

Tailor-made for your needs

Customer is our first priority. We know our customers and we are dedicated to meet their needs. Infopillar consultants are here to make sure that your business can take full advantage of our solutions.

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